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Live femdom cams with strict Female domination Mistresses who love to humiliate, degrade and train weak cam slaves. Live webcam action from Strict, abusive, evil Mistresses. If you are ready to step foot into our world of Evil and no mercy females then click and enter the free chat areas and begin your journey into cruel BDSM cam training.

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So what kind of Training will I get?

    • Cock and ball torture live cbt
  • Orgasm control which includes edge play, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, chastity training, milking, jerk off instructions (joi)

So when you are ready to start your training, enter our live rooms and admit what a loser you are and beg for us to acknowledge you. We adore setting tasks for slaves and we watch you very carefully to ensure you carry out each of the tasks. From writing articles for us to dressing up to taking selfies as well as giving us access to your computer and private business via TeamViewer. You can view hundreds of our live mistress cams

at any time of the day or night and with hundreds of sadistic females to select from all wearing that kinky leather outfit cracking that whip as she tells you to bend over and be her slutty little bitch. This is the world of bondage and discipline where our Mistresses are in control at all times, where they strip you of any pride or self-respect you once had for yourself. Cruel femdom cams with evil females Check out the cruel powerful women

We have every single area of your life and existence covered, you now belong to us and are our little toy, our plaything, our sex object. We adore watching you squirm and hearing you squeal when we laugh at your patheticness. Dressing you up to make you the slut you have always known deep inside that you really are.

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We have no time for useless men, we want to see you grovel and crawl around the floor like the pet you really are. Our femdom cam chats for slave training are available to useless losers like you right now.

Step inside our dungeon and see for yourself why we have been voted the cruellest females online, why we have been voted the difficult dominas who show no mercy.

It really does not matter what type of desire you have. No matter what type of training you are looking for you can always be assured of strict training from our females over at femdomsite.homestead.com. They will make sure at all times you know your place.

Demanding that you obey their every single word. Bow down to them, call them Miss or Goddess, or queen. Know your place slave. You are a weak, pathetic, useless gimp and your place is at my feet at all times.

Our mistresses won’t stop till they get what they want and that can be for you to bend over and become their dirty little bitch, they love anal training on webcam and taking control of weak useless slaves like you. Mistresses know exactly what they need to do to take full advantage of weak useless men and that means you. View the fetish chat rooms here where they have 100s of online kinksters

Get ready to sign a contract and be under Mistresses’ thumb in a live BDSM cams training session where our dominas know exactly how to start a dungeon session and to show you that you must always be at their feet prepared and ready to worship.

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Smoking mistresses waiting to show you how they control and own you and that you are their human ashtray now, open your mouth and take the ash and make sure you clean Mistresses ashtray with your tongue loser. You have a new job now as a submissive boy or sissy. Meet Mistress Wanda who is always available on her live punishment cams which are full of whips, canes and paddles. When you enter her dungeon she will strap you to her St Andrews cross and lifts her bullwhip and starts to strike you across the back. She likes to know she has left welts and marks so you will always remember your session with her. Chat with women who love to laugh at sissy girls  – sissy humiliation online is always a popular chat room

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